Principal's Coffee for Families-Title I

Principal's Coffee for Families-Title I
Posted on 10/30/2022

Principal's Title I Coffee for Parents and Caregivers

I am hosting a Title I Coffee for parents and caregivers on Friday morning at 8:30 in the Learning Commons.


The Watertown Public School System and its Title I Schoolwide Program, K - 8 are committed to continuously improving the opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child's learning at home and in school. We have found this general education support to be highly valuable in helping students improve their math and literacy skills. Title I is the largest Federally funded supplemental education program. It does not replace what the school does; instead, Title I gives schools and students additional resources and instruction in math and reading. Title I partially funds our math and reading support and after school tutoring. Our tutors work closely with the classroom teachers to help improve students’ skills in reading and writing.


This district Parent Involvement Plan serves to outline overall expectations for parent involvement activities and programs, establish an environment for parental participation in Watertown's Title I programs at the school level, and identify the support which the Title I program can provide to assist schools in achieving their goals of supporting student learning. The Title I Home/School Compact outlines school, parent/guardian, and student responsibilities.


Please join me on Friday at 8:30 AM to hear more about our Cunniff School Title I Program.