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About Us

The Cunniff School is a PreK-5 elementary school located on 246 Warren Street. The school consists of approximately 330 students. The diversity reflective of the Cunniff community makes teaching and learning a rewarding experience for students, teachers, and families.

The Cunniff School was established in 1954 as a 12 room schoolhouse. The school was originally erected in order to reduce crowded conditions in the other Watertown Public Schools. During its first year, the Cunniff had an enrollment of 437 students. The school was named after Judge P. Sarsfield, one of Watertown’s most respected citizens.

Mission Statement

The Cunniff School provides a supportive and challenging learning environment that maximizes student achievement, social responsibility, and lifelong learning for all Cunniff Community members.


Everyone has strengths and everyone contributes. This defines who we are as a community of lifelong learners.

Resolution on Affirmation of Support for Staff, Students, and Community Members of Color

Whereas, People of Color face greater discrimination, structural discipline, lack of social support both in schools and in society at large;

Whereas, children, adolescents and adults in the Black community face higher rates of social and structural violence and racial discrimination,

Whereas, students’ and staff’s well-being is a fundamental concern of the Watertown School Committee and school boards across the country.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Watertown School Committee affirms its immediate support to promote the needs and safety of all staff and students who identify as a person of color,

And Be It Resolved that the School Committee of Watertown, Massachusetts urges state and federal policymakers to support laws and regulations that:

  • Provide appropriate and necessary safety measures for People of Color during a period of unrest in this nation, and guarantee the rights and safety of all those protesting for their lives.


  • Hold accountable all public officials, police officers, and all those who serve their community for their responsibility to equitably represent and protect the public, and also hold accountable any individuals and organizations that take racist actions or in any other way do harm to the Black Community and People of Color.


  • Enhance programming to provide schools with the structure and guidance needed to provide an anti-racist curricula and professional development for all staff to build understanding and awareness of the beautiful history and the challenges of being a person of color, and of the structural and endemic racism in the United States.

The School Committee gives its support to responsible civic actions by students, educators and others who are raising the visibility of this issue and seeking changes in public policy.

Principal: Julia MacEwan
Assistant Principal: Susan Carle
Administrative Assistant:
Anne Marie Dangler

Cunniff West Elementary School:
246 Warren Street
Watertown, MA 02472

Main Office Number:

Fax Number:

School Hours:
8:15 am - 2:30 pm
Students can be dropped off at 8:05

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