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1. Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up is live. See above for website.
2. No school November 26 and 27

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Cunniff: One Team
Cunniff staff-created slideshow 
Dedicated to the Cunniff students. 

About Us

The Cunniff School is a PreK-5 elementary school located on 246 Warren Street. The school consists of approximately 330 students. The diversity reflective of the Cunniff community makes teaching and learning a rewarding experience for students, teachers and families.

The Cunniff School was established in 1954 as a 12 room schoolhouse. The school was originally erected in order to reduce crowded conditions in the other Watertown Public Schools. During its first year, the Cunniff had an enrollment of 437 students. The school was named after Judge P. Sarsfield, one of Watertown’s most respected citizens.

Mission Statement

The Cunniff School provides a supportive and challenging learning environment which maximizes student achievement, social responsibility and lifelong learning for all Cunniff Community members.


Everyone has strengths and everyone contributes. This defines who we are as a community of lifelong learners.

Principal: Mena Ciarlone
Administrative Assistant: Anne Marie Dangler

Cunniff West Elementary School:
175 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02453
Fax Number:

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