Volunteers Needed: Cunniff Garden Summer Care

Volunteers Needed: Cunniff Garden Summer Care
Posted on 06/05/2019

The Cunniff  School Garden is looking for families to volunteer to help maintain the garden over the summer. If you are interested, please pick one or more week(s) that work best for your family. You may also sign up with another family and share the responsibilities for the week.  Families will be responsible for watering, weeding, and harvesting during the week they sign up for. Depending on weather conditions we hope that families can come to the garden at least three times during the week.  
You need not be an experienced gardener to help out in the summer. We will hold Summer Garden Volunteer Orientations after school in the garden, or in the early summer. Further written instructions on watering, hoses, water turn on and shut off, and shed access will be sent via email to all volunteers the week prior to when you are scheduled to volunteer. We are happy to work with you in the garden as well on specific projects, tying up tomatoes is one that requires familiarity. If you have questions, just ask! We are glad to support our volunteers in whatever way works for you!

Any questions please contact Judy Fallows at judith.fallows@watertown.k12.ma.us or Maria Panaggio-Phillips at mparg44@gmail.com

For more information please visit the Watertown School Gardens website