Curiosity Challenge Winners!

Cambridge Science Festival Curiosity Challenge Winners
Posted on 04/23/2022

Eleven Cunniff students submitted winning entries to the 2022 Cambridge Science Festival Curiosity Challenge! Due to earlier COVID restrictions and the postponement of the Cambridge Science Festival until October, they will honor the students by displaying their entries on the Cambridge Science Festival website. Curiosity Award certificates for the winners will be mailed to Cunniff along with copies of the magazine the winning entries are featured in. Congratulations to all of our Cunniff students who submitted a curiosity challenge and to our winners!


1. Luca DeFrancesco - Mrs. Barry

2. Barbara Cazassa DeSouza - Ms. Brehm

3. Dean Clifford - Ms. Lauria

4. Nicholas Guimbard - Ms. Downey

5. Tyler Hartenstein - Ms. Hallisey

6. Eli Tourville- Mr. Hammond

7. Katie Ottensmeyer - Mrs. Lacy

8. Jonah Wilson - Ms. Park & Mrs. Cogswell

9. Ivy Croft-Pereira - Ms. Breen

10. Quinn Nalugwa - Ms.DeFabritiis

11. Joshua Hernandez Montoya - Mrs. Hager