Principal's Letter

Dear Cunniff Parents and Guardians,

On Friday, Dr. Galdston shared with families the news of the fire that took place on Robert Ford Road (62-66). Initially, we had information that three Cunniff families lived within close proximity to this area. Luckily, none were impacted by the devastation that this fire caused. Now it is time to support families in the other WPS that have lost much and are therefore in need. If you would like to make a donation there will be collection boxes in the main lobby on Monday where you can place toiletries and no-perishable items. Jackie Airasian (PTO Co-President) and the Cunniff PTO will be collecting gift card donations.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, they will leave a PTO donation box in the main lobby as well.  Gift cards contributed will be given by Jackie to the Watertown Housing Authority for distribution.     Small donations collectively make a big impact.

On Thursday, I visited St. Jude's School and toured the building. During the next few weeks, I will begin creating a floor plan and assigning existing classrooms at Cunniff, a corresponding room at the Cunniff West (St. Jude's). Teachers have also been given a spreadsheet so that they can begin to create an inventory of furniture and materials in their classrooms. I will be attending weekly building meetings and will provide information as it is shared.

Monday marks the 90th day of school and the half-way point to the school year! On Monday evening, the School Committee meeting will take place in the Cunniff library at 7:00 PM. Several students from grades two and five will feature their technology integration projects as part of a teaching and learning segment at the beginning of the meeting.

On Friday, students will be taking home their first report card. This tool documents your student's level of mastery with regard to standards addressed in each of the content areas.  Please look for this report card in your student's backpack!

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council is offering a SEPAC training on understanding how anxiety affects your school-age child. Please visit  for additional details.

Thank you for being our partner in your student's education.

Enjoy the day.


Warmest regards,

Mena Ciarlone, Principal